realtor’s expectation of client

Realtors offer expertise, experience, and their time to clients.  From property selection through negotiations ending with the closing process, our agents will do their best to reach an outcome with which you are satisfied. Our business is performance driven.  If you are not successful, neither are we. We enter into client-agent relationships without the promise of compensation. Our time is our most limited resource. Please respect it. Kindly demonstrate that respect by observing the following suggestions:

  • Keep your appointments as scheduled. Setting up an appointment requires time, coordination, and preparation.  Showing properties cannot be done on the fly.  Delays can jeopardize the quantity and quality of homes scheduled for a particular appointment.

  • Be upfront with your agent.  Fully explain what you are looking for, accurately communicate your price range, and let the agent know if you are working with other agents.

  • If you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please do not wait until the last moment.  Canceling an appointment last minute prevents the agent from working with other clients resulting in unproductive time.

  • Let us know if other developments have affected your search. Unless you tell us otherwise, an agent may continue to look for a property that fits you. Please do not waste our time.

  • If you have established a working relationship with an agent, register that agent as your contact person when you visit open houses.  Let the agent working the open house know that you are represented by another agent.